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Video Services


  • Music videos

  • wedding videos

  • Promotional videos

  • Drone videos

  • small movies

  • documentaries

  • so much more!

Studio Time



  • albums

  • EP

  • LP

  • Mixing

  • Voice Overs

  • and more!



We offer a very wide variety of photography services. Contact us with your project & budget, and let us help work with you

We offer a variety of different packages and try our hardest to be flexible with individuals & business budgets. Contacts us to get your quote for your next project.

  • Portraits

  • Real Estate

  • Weddings

  • Special Events & Parties

  • Boudoir/Tasteful Nude

  • Family/Couple/Engagement

And so much more!! Contact us for any questions.


RMR Studios is your one stop location for audio recordings, video services & professional photography. Whether you are a band looking to make an album, a small business needing a promotional video or commercial, or a couple looking for a photographer. RMR Studios also has an FAA Part 107 Licensed drone pilot.

We cannot wait to help you with your project.

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