If You’re a MODEL!

Then we would love to hear from you. We are looking for Female, Male & everything in-between. Models come in all shapes & sizes.

Let us know if you are looking for pictures to add to your portfolio, or if you charge money for your modeling. Depending on the projects/shoots we are actively aspiring for, will depend on what type of model we are looking for. We have budgets, like everyone else.

RMR Studios is a professional studio & business, we have a standard Model Release Form you can read, download or fill out & sign through Adobe Signatures. We only work with models that sign this document.

Feel free to send us links to other shoots you have been involved in, or are looking to shoot. We are always looking to work with professional models that want to have fun and create some amazing art together.

We are planning weekend shoots in the deserts of Arizona, Northern Arizona, Eastern California, Utah and more. Let us know if you might be interested in these kind of outings. Most will not be paid. But some will.

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Please be over 18! If not, have a parent/guardian reach out to us.
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OMG! OMG! You have a website too?! I want it! Gimme Gimme!
This is where we encourage you. To speak your mind. Ask yourself, am I a model? Then tell yourself, "fill this section in" Let us know what kind of shoots you are available for? We are currently booking all kinds from portraits, cosplay, fashion, boudoir and more. So, we are looking for all kinds.
Currently, we are looking to build our portfolio. Many are not paid, but, if you charge, give it to me straight! What do I owe ya?! (or give me a ball park you're working in)